Saturday, December 13, 2008

warily approaching doctor trim

As part of my penance lately I'm forced to watch every Jim Carry movie ever made, as fellow-traveller along my foster-boy's journey. Recently unearthed were two early ventures, a weird, tinny Club Med promo about skiing and country music and chasing girls, and a mildly amusing vampire spoof. Last night, a "dirty Harry'' movie in which Carry has a brief frenetic role as a junky - the boy refused to go on watching after the character's early demise, though I was almost getting into it. Instead he put on Earth Girls are Easy, a mildly amusing spoof largely saved by the bodacious Geena Davis. Carry's usual character is under-utilized in this, another plus.   

My weight remains over 80k. Everything I eat seems to bloat me, though my appetite hasn't exactly faded. I might be eating for compensation, and I'm not keeping to disciplines I try to set myself, eg no eating after 7pm, or 8pm. I need support in this. The problem is probably associated with a general letting go, a lack of concern for my appearance and so forth. My walking isn't going too badly, it's increasing, but having no real effect on my weight. I've taken to a bit of exercise biking, but not regularly enough. I need a plan and outside discipline and enforcement. The walker tracker site's great, but I've not communicated with anyone through it. 

This interview with Gutbusters founder Gary Egger is instructive. He points out something that's very true in my case, that men don't worry too much about what can't be seen - the heart or liver for example, unless they're obviously playing up. So the gut's the thing to focus on. He also notes that one of the first things that happen when men fatten up is sleep apnoia - snoring. Again, my case is typical, though nobody has slept with me in a long time, so it's easy to ignore the problem. 

Egger also notes that it's an environmental problem in the west, caused by abundance and a general ease of life - personal cars for transportation and the like. It's true again in my case. My neighbours here in this group of four co-op homes ride bikes more than I do. One walks his dog regularly. I drive everywhere - remembering that I didn't get my licence until my mid-thirties. 

Egger has moved onto a new improved version of his gutbusters program, which appears to emphasise the science a bit more, and maybe focuses less exclusively on the waist. Professor Trim's weight loss program is specifically designed just for me. The web site is here, and I've just subscribed, or almost, to the newsletter. Actually it looks like I can't do it just now because my accounts aren't working. Anyway, the prices of everything are quite reasonable. There's a quick start program booklet for $9.95, and though the full program is a pricey $495, it can be paid in instalments. Still, I think I'll try the booklet first. My finances are a mess. 



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