Monday, November 10, 2008

and you get more

ain't drugs

These words affront me every time.
Drugs are not recreational 
Drugs are drugs

And cars are cars and brains are brains and 
stupidity is stupidity and imagination is precisely and
pins are not ever needles and love
cannot possibly be pain, and sex is, 
and a smile is nothing but a smile, please be

a word is only a word but always a word
and that is the word that it is

a dictionary is another word for a liar
and that is a lie 
by definition

We live in narrow times that are always coming to an end
- at least to this little ego

on hubristic claims to custodianship

we must save the planet, I hear
parroted by kids and such
and the Anzacs died to save us
except they didn't
they just beastly died
and our planet isn't dying
but so many of our prey are
and so it goes, and will go
until maybe we all go
to nothing
and the planet will spin on
throbbing and thickening
with life, but not as we know it



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