Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plugging in

google - written in the clouds

So much to keep track of outide of our teensy-weensy circle of life. Google is raising concerns and excitement with its cloudy new super-browser, Chrome. The Beta version of this open source browser was launched a few days ago, that’s September 2 I think. I don’t know much about what a Beta version is, or if a Beta version or a non-Beta version is more suitable for me, but I’m interested in the whole idea. I’ll explore it more fully later. That’s to say, I’ll wade just a tiny bit deeper into the shallows.

The Large Hadron Collider is also naturally making news, and highlighting the ignorance of many of us re physics and its significance in our lives. Not that all of those warning of the dangers of the LHC are ignorant. There’s apparently a genuine concern among some theorists that the LHC could generate tiny black holes which will eventually expand and gobble up the earth – or something like that. Michio Kaku provides us with plenty of reassurance here.

The role of the US in the extermination of some half a million soi-disant communists in Indonesia in the mid sixties has come under the spotlight with the recent release of damning documents. There’s a useful background to the horror here. Meanwhile, Spring’s freshening things up, and I’m hoping for a bit of rejuvenation meself.

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