Saturday, December 24, 2005

good point, Geoff

And of course biblical stuff starts cropping up at every turn, of the page in particular. Inter alia, I just happen to be reading The Canterbury Tales, in Neville Coghill’s excellent ‘modern’ (1950s) translation. Again some bible stories get an airing, especially in ‘The monk’s tale’, but most interesting apropos recent talk of the gospels was this passage, in which Chaucer writes as himself in argument:

No one evangelist would have sufficed

To tell us of the pains of Jesus Christ,

Nor does each tell it as the others do;

Nevertheless what each has said is true,

And all agree as to their general sense

Though each with some degree of difference,

If some of them say more or some say less

About his piteous Passion, I should guess

- Speaking of Mark and Matthew, Luke and John –

Their meaning doubtless was agreed upon.

Yeah, doubtless Geoff, doubtless. Anyway, as we in the USSR like to say, Happy Christmyth to you all.



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