Sunday, August 27, 2006

until the twelfth of never

Technical and other difficulties have contributed to a too-long absence.

I was invited to a candlelight vigil for David Hicks on Wednesday and had every intention of attending, but circs prevented, so to assuage my guilt, I'd like to draw attention to an excellent analysis of the legal quagmire Hicks is embroiled in, by former federal Attorney-General and supreme court judge Kep Enderby. It was on Okham's Razor and can be listened to here. The gist of it is, though, that Hicks is being held more in the sense of a prisoner of war than as a criminal, and can be so held 'until the end of hostilities'. Since the 'war' we're talking about is America's self-declared war on terror, which has no end date, and will never have an end date under this or similar administrations, IMHO, this could well mean that Hicks will end his days in prison, never having been charged with anything.

This piece back in April, and (some of) the commentary attached to it, is also very informative on the case.



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