Thursday, June 22, 2006

all of a haze

something perky gratuitous wintry and footballish

Ok, I'm suffering from cup fièvre, unkempt, unshaven, bleared and smeared, coffee-flavoured, abandoned. What's worse, parked under quilts before the tube, I keep blinking and missing whole matches. What happened in this morning's Holland Argentina game? Don't know, missed it, I'll settle down for some Cote d'Ivoire magic - oops, it's gone, didn't see a single shirt-tug, I awaken to Pria in Chicago, yesterday he was in San Francisco weaving his own peculiar charm, a pleasant consolation for more missed matches.

Just to top off the last, long ago post. The issue of Commonwealth Rent Assistance is too fuzzy to deal with at present, it's part of phase two of the state housing reforms and we'll have to wait and see. There's a concern among individual tenants though that it'll affect their rents. I wasn't aware just how many tenants were accessing CRA, and how much CRA they're getting. In fact I too am eligible for it and should've applied for it ages ago insteading of dwelling in clouds and bemoaning my fate. Need a lease, though, and our tenancy officer won't give one to me due to disputes about repairs and such to be done here and next door.

That's all, just touching base here - oops for the Americanism, how about 'marking the crease'? - am doing a bit more writing on my Faith Hope blog.


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