Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the three monkeys do their thing

Saddam fronts the inquiry: 'That little Johnny boy was in my pocket for years'.

Watching the Four Corners report on the AWB scandal made me realise that it was worse than I'd thought, and hugely damaging to us internationally. I mentioned to Sarah that the only good that might come out of it is that it could bring down the government, but on reflection that's wishful thinking. Quiggin's analysis is probably spot on with this one - it's classic see no hear no speak no evil stuff from our three guys (I wonder if there's been a cartoon along those lines - there surely must've been). Of course, much depends on Cole's eventual finding and commentary. If he expresses strong doubts about the veracity or competence of government ministers, that will surely have repercussions. Then again, the federal election's a long way off.



At 7:44 pm , Blogger Anthony said...

It would be very very nice to see Cole deliver some really harsh and deserved criticism of this government.

I read that he was a student colleague of the PM's. I hope this doesn't affect his outcomes. But again, the term 'wishful thinking' arises.

At 6:45 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm shocked - you think that our Prime Minister would lie?? John would never never lie. He would rather apologize first! This is a man who can look into the camera and calmly say to the people of Papua: "this is my message to you. You are citizens of the republic of Indonesia" which is code for: "Many more of you will die and I will do nothing."
And you think man of that fibre would lie about some wheat deal kickbacks! We don't want your sort of people in this country. We decide who comes here. If you don't share core Australian values, you shouldn't be here!

Go back to Narnia!



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