Friday, January 20, 2006

a summery summary

I can honestly say I’ve been very busy lately, that there are plenty of excuses for not posting. I must also note that I’ve seen a great many films so far this summer that I’ve either not reviewed or partially reviewed and never posted on. A couple at the cinema but most either on DVD or TV. They include, from memory: Pride and Prejudice, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Human Nature, Donnie Darko, Lost in Translation, Sylvia, The Life and Death of Peter Sellars, All About My Mother, Manhattan, Supersize Me, Wonderland, Jesus of Montreal and Twenty-four Hour Party People, and no doubt there are some excellent films I’ve not mentioned. It’s a matter of input way exceeding outflow at the moment. Having a weakness for the triumphs and tragedies of romance, I was particularly drawn to Manhattan, Lost in Translation and Pride & Pred. For a brilliant satire on the myths and delusions around evolution and the nature/nurture conundrum, Human Nature is not to be missed. In terms of spillover complexity and the sheer messiness and ineffability of life, I’d recommend Donnie Darko and All About My Mother. If you want the horrors of junky (or base-headed) life confirmed, watch Wonderland. If you want to be mesmerised by an actor completely on top of his craft, see The Life and Death of Peter Sellars. And so on.



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