Tuesday, November 15, 2005

still wild about Harry

Having attended, a couple of nights ago, a quiz night to raise funds for the kinder-gym Courtney attends, with a whole heap of Sarah’s family and friends, I revealed myself as a secret quizzwhizz (a secret even unto myself), with expertise particularly in the field of sport. We won third prize, though we might’ve done better, it was very tight. A box of goodies was accordingly delivered to our table, and of the loot, I received, among other things, a bottle of Gramps Cabarnet Merlot, six wine-glasses and a book, Matthew Burke: a rugby life. Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to be about fagging, hazing or even floreat rugbeia…

Anyway, as I’ve probably never once mentioned sport in my blog, I think it’s about time I came out. And what better way to begin than with Sunday morning’s bleary viewing of the first leg of the Australia-Uruguay World Cup qualifier, in Montevideo.

I’ve always been a big Harry Kewell admirer, in spite of the trouble he’s been through. Skill-wise, and build-wise, he’s always reminded me of George Best, a player I’m old enough to recall watching at his George Best. So I was happy to see him given a full run in
Montevideo. True, he wasn’t at his George Best, but there were flashes, and I don’t think it’ll be long before he does something sensational. If we get past the hurdle of Uruguay, Kewell may at last re-establish his rep in the World Cup finals.

And we have every chance of winning the second leg at home. From a purely dramatic perspective, it’s an intriguing situation, almost the precise reversal of four years ago. Then, we took a one-goal advantage over to foreign soil, whereas this time we have to peg back a one goal deficit on home soil.

It’s been said that we were unlucky to lose over there, but I’m not so sure of that. They had the better of the second half, and probably should’ve scored a second goal in the last twenty minutes. They’ll be kicking themselves about that, it may cot them their place. Having said that, Australia defended solidly, and they were unlucky in one sense about the goal, as it came from a free kick that should never have been awarded. Then again, they marked poorly on the far post.

Uruguay were also robbed of a definite penalty, in my view, when Schwarzer fouled Recoba at the edge of the box. So all in all I think the result was fair.

Uruguay have a better reputation for defending than attacking these days, and there’s no doubt they’ll be all out to defend their advantage in Sydney, but if Australia can come out fighting like they did in the first half of the first game, and this time score an early goal, it may turn out to be a helluva match. Kewell just might win it for us. Oh and we have a few other talented players too.


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