Tuesday, November 08, 2005

call ASIO, there's another terrorist on the way

Bought a copy of The Advertiser for the first time in months. Bad move, but at least I learned something new, that Donald Rumsfeld is soon to visit our fair city – and have since received emails breaking the ‘secret’. Apparently he will be here between November 16 and November 18, and various protest activities are being organised, though from my reading of The ‘Tiser, security will be such that clashes will be inevitable. Another opportunity for the government to test out its new anti-terrorism laws.


At 9:40 am , Blogger Kaufman said...

It's going to be very civil of us to roll out the red carpet for this terrorist. I'm pretty sure the penalty for throwing eggs is worse than the penalty for instigating illegal entry into a country. But I may be wrong.


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