Monday, October 17, 2005

bitter with age

It’s hot suddenly, a few days ago I was putting on the a-c for the heat, today I was tempted to put it on for the cooling, it’s the battle for total control.

And speaking of control, I did a spot of weeding in the front garden today. My aim is to pull 50 weeds a day. Numbers are an important part of my life, which always needs reducing.

I pulled out quite a few dandelions (taraxacum officinale), using a trowel to dig out those long stubborn roots. Of course Debra, who apparently isn’t blessed with dandelions on her property, often speaks enviously of them and reminds me of their culinary uses, but am I ever going to exploit them? Well, never say never.

Here, for my own benefit, is Mrs Grieve’s advice on the consumption of dandelion. The young leaves are a pleasant addition to salads. Avoid older leaves, they become bitter with age. Young leaves make delicious sandwiches, with butter and a little salt. And try adding lemon juice and or pepper. Tear the leaves to preserve the flavour. It’s often preferable to blanch them. They can be used to make a simple vegetable soup. You can also boil them like spinach leaves. The root can be ground up or grated and added to salads.

There’s much much more, including dandelion wine, and medicinal uses. Thank you Mrs Grieve, you’re a mine of information, and I’ve merely glanced down the shaft. I’ll be back to visit your herbal, I’m sure.


At 5:29 pm , Blogger Helen said...

The site looks enticing. The picture of taraxacum officinale is particulary fetching. The goal of pulling out 50 weeds a days is completely sensible.

Moving on from the flummery, I'm worried that you are suffering from an indentity crisis. More importantly, sepia does not suit you.

PS. when will I start to become immortal?


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